Who we are

Norin Hearing Services has been a family owned and operated hearing practice since 1964. Our purpose has always remained the same: To provide efficient, comprehensive services to individuals with hearing loss and to the professional community.

Our scope of services include, but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Dispensing
  • Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Repair and Maintenance for all brands of hearing aids
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Hospital and Nursing Home In-Services
  • Custom Earmolds
  • Swimming Molds
  • Musician Earplugs
  • Noise Protection Products

Our founder, Jay Norin, was Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Ohio Hearing Aid Society. He also served as the Treasurer, Vice President, and President. He was appointed by Governor Celeste to serve on the Ohio Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Licensing Board and was Chairman of that Board for 7 years.

Jay initiated upgrades of the State License Examination and the National Certification Exam of the International Hearing Society.

Continuing Education is an integral part of our philosophy. We require our staff to keep abreast of state of the art technology, so that we may provide the highest quality service to our patients. We have served as Clinical Trainers and Mentors for Audiology Clinician students from the University of Akron and Kent State University.

Because we know that earmolds have a significant effect on the acoustical responses of hearing aids, all of our audiologists are trained in Earmold Technology.

Our Services

Hearing Aids at Norin Hearing Services

We recommend the following manufacturers. We choose to work with these companies because they create hearing aids that provide the best listening experience for our patients. With these modern devices, you can distinguish between speech and noise and move seamlessly from one sound environment to another.

At Norin Hearing Services we encourage frequent follow-ups to ensure your hearing aids are performing at their best. Routine cleaning and maintenance is essential and we are happy to help. Most repairs that come through the office are usually minor and can be fixed right away.

We are also proud to offer the Secure Warranty on all EarQ devices. As America's longest warranty, Secure provides four years of protection.


We are your home for all of your CaptionCall needs. Stop by either of our two offices for more information on CaptionCall, or to pick one out for purchase.

Multiple studies show that hearing loss has a dramatic impact on a person's ability to stay connected socially, which can lead to isolation and loneliness. These side effects of hearing loss are the precursor to many serious health risks. CaptionCall helps you stay socially connected for a happier, healthier, and longer life!

Additional Services


Norin Hearing Services wants to make sure that you have access to our services. Schedule a home appointment with us! We provide the same quality of care and services you'll find in our office, in the comfort of your home.


Tympanometry is an examination used to test the function of the middle ear. Norin Hearing Services offers tympanometric testing in our office. Detection of possible fluid in the middle ear cavity results in an immediate referral to an otologist.


Musicians practice and perform in a variety of settings and are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods. Different amounts of sound protection may be required depending on the sound levels during rehearsals and performances. We provide a variety of attenuators depending on individual needs. We offer products which can attenuate without interfering with tone quality. Our custom-manufactured molds assure comfort and ease of insertion.Specific Needs? Call us to discuss!


Batteries usually last about a week and are very simple to change at home. Rechargeable hearing aids are also an option. We've found that our batteries offer superior battery life. Sizes available include 10, 13, 312, and 675. Our batteries are color-coded and always fresh. Ask about our Battery Club for extra saving!


Hearing loss affects an estimated 36 million Americans (around 15% of our population). It is a very common issue and one that is very treatable.
If you feel you may have a hearing loss, the first step would be to have your hearing tested by an Audiologist. They will determine the type and degree of hearing loss and make suggestions for improving your hearing based on many factors such as your lifestyle, your personal preferences and your overall health.
When a person has hearing loss in both ears, it is always much better to address the issue on both sides. This will improve your ability to understand the words you are hearing (especially in noise) as well as help you feel like your ears are balanced.
Hearing devices have been labeled as being bulky and ugly for a long time, but this isn't true. They've been designed in recent years to fit everyone's lifestyle with an emphasis on being sleek and discreet. Most people aren't able to tell when you're wearing a hearing device.
When hearing devices are properly fitted by a professional, they won't cause any further damage to your hearing. That's why we go through a process of fitting, programming, and adjusting them to ensure they're working well for you. If you need future adjustments, we're happy to provide them for you.
Unfortunately, there is not a treatment that can reverse the effects of hearing loss. However, hearing devices provide the best solution and will give you the highest quality hearing possible.
Hearing loss doesn't affect one specific age group. It can affect infants to seniors. In fact, many people go 10 years or more with untreated hearing loss before seeking help. Patients often find it much easier to adapt to hearing devices when their hearing loss is treated in an early stage, which is why early detection is so important. Just like dental and vision routine checkups, we recommend that everyone schedules a yearly hearing screening to stay up-to-date with their hearing health and to monitor any changes.

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